Get to Know Global Sevilla as The Best International School in Jakarta

Get to Know Global Sevilla as The Best International School in Jakarta

When talking about numerous schools located in Jakarta, it is commonly tagged by the students that can speak in multiple languages with good academic achievements. However, Global Sevilla has different focuses, compared with other international school in Jakarta. They provide character-building development, a mindfulness approach, and many more. For further information, here is the explanation.


What Global Sevilla Provide for Students as International School

  1. Classifying Three Academic Levels Based on The Age

As one of the best international schools in Indonesia, Global Sevilla recognizes that engaging in character building through education is not easy. It will need a long-term process that starts at an early young age. Therefore, Global Sevilla provides three kinds of academic levels for students based on the classification of age.

These three academic levels include kindergarten school, primary school, and secondary school. Each program has a different learning curriculum that will be used. In addition, the learning approach will be based on the student’s characteristics.  For instance, kindergarten focusing on development needs, a primary school using active learning inquiry and, secondary focuses on research.


  1. Balanced in Education

This international school in Jakarta not only offers a comprehensive curriculum by classifying three different levels but also balanced education to thrive both socially and emotionally. This institution offers the best system of education that leads to excellent academic performance. Besides, Global Sevilla also uses the international standard of learning syllabus and the Cambridge curriculum.


  1. Focusing on Character Building

Global Sevilla is different from other international schools, especially in Jakarta. This institution not only focuses on academic achievements but also on character building. The students will need to learn and find the best potentials for a better future. They should be able to understand what they need to improve more skills and other abilities.


  1. Mindfulness-Based Approach

To maintain the balance between academics and positive characteristics, Global Sevilla as an international school in Jakarta also uses a mindfulness-based approach. This system is where the school focuses on the student’s well-being. It will reduce the student’s anxiety and stress. With that in mind, it is best to help the student develop and improve their academic and behavioral outcome.

Those are things that parents should know before enrolling their children in a particular academic place, especially an international school. Even though this kind of institution has a high education approach and only focuses on the academic outcome. But the Global Sevilla provides a balanced education between academics and character.







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